Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps


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Azure DevOps is also known as Microsoft visual studio team services (VSTS). It is a set of collaborative development tools built for the cloud. VSTS was commonly used as a standalone term, and Azure DevOps is a platform which is made up of a few different products, such as:

What you'll learn



    1. What is DevOps
    2. Overview of various DevOps methodology
    3. Difference between Waterfall Model vs Agile vs Scrum methodology

        Azure Cloud Services

    1. Azure Active Directory
    2. Azure App services
    3. Azure SQL Server
    4. Azure Key-Vault
    5. Azure Container registry
    6. Azure Kubernetes Services
    7. Custom template creation


    YAML Scripting:

    1. Data Serialization Overview
    2. YAML Introduction and Overview
    3. Data Types in YAML

        Work Item Management

    1. Understanding Azure DevOps Boards
    2. Overview of Azure DevOps work item project option
    3. Customization of Azure DevOps Boards

        Repository Management


    1. Understanding distributed and centralized repository management
    2. Understanding merging and branching strategy
    3. Understanding various advanced GIT topics

    Azure GIT repos

    1. Understanding various GUI-based git functionality through Azure GIT repos
    2. Azure GIT security and policies overview
    3. Azure GIT end-to-end  session and integration

        Some of important services

    • Custom Agent pool creation
    • Service connection manual and automated creation
    •  Azure Active Directory integration with Azure DevOps
    • Basic Azure AD
    • Task groups and libraries
    • Project setting overview
    • Organization setting overview


        Build Management

    1. Introduction to Continuous Integration and Deployment/Delivery
    2. Understanding the build process
    3. Build pipeline creation using the classic model
    4. Build pipeline creation using YAML scripts
    5. Azure Pipelines - .Net Core Application
    6. Azure Pipelines - .Net Core Application YAML Scripts
    7. Maven Build Introduction
    8. Azure Pipelines – Java Maven Project
    9. SQL Database auto-deployment Introduction
    10. DACPAC Overview
    11. DACPAC build pipeline creation
    12. Understanding Service Principle and Service Connection
    13. Service Connection creation


        Azure Artifacts:

    1. Understanding packages
    2.  -Azure Artifacts feeds creation and understanding
    3.   to understand ways of publishing and restoring custom artifacts



      Release Management:

    1. Understanding Azure Release Pipelines
    2. Azure Release Pipelines – Azure Web App
    3. Multistage release deployment
    4. Azure Release Pipeline - .NET Application deployment
    1.  Azure Release Pipeline - Java Application deployment
    2.  Azure Release Pipeline – DACPAC deployment
    3. Azure Deployment Groups – Setup and Implementation


    1. Overview of Docker
    2.  Docker Installation and setup
    3.  Running basic Docker commands
    4.   ASP.NET Core application Image creation using Docker File and later pushing into a container registry


    1. Overview of Azure Kubernetes Services
    2. Overview of Kubernetes
    3.  YAML script creation and application deployment on Kubernetes – Nginx Web App

     Building Infrastructure

    1. Terraform:
    1. Introduction to Terrafom Templates
    2. Integration of Terrafrom Templates with Release pipelines


        Practice Session:

    1. Complete end-to-end build creation and deployment using the classic model
    2. Complete end-to-end build creation and deployment using YAML scripts
    3. Real time project 1 - (ASP.NET Web Core Application)
    4. Real time project 2 (MS SQL Database Deployment)
    5. Real time project 3 (Core Java Web Application)

        Interview Guidance:

    1. Mock Interview - 1
    2. Mock Interview - 2



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    Basic to Advanced
  • Lectures
    30 Lectures
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